Now I understand I’ve been neglecting my followers, unfortunately one must be employed when they are in their native country. Aka I’ve been working on my business more than writing on a blog.

Arriving in Nice was a bit of a blur for me, the adrenaline that was keeping me awake through our travel was wearing off as we arrived. By the time 3-4pm rolled around I felt like I had two sand bags sitting on my eyeballs and Tyler told me I was as pleasant as a cat taking a bath (my words not his).

I remember getting out of the train station and seeing the sun, the very happy sun. I remember walking, Tyler finding our hotel. We then found out I booked the wrong day to check in, so we went to a little place and I ordered a latte while we tried to figure out what to do. I was floating at this point, the caffe was a bit run down, design circa 1970’s and you could tell the clientele was a group of regulars who didn’t talk to each other much. We ended up getting the hotel situation sorted and just stayed an extra day at our existing hotel! Win!

The hotel was a bit bizarre, for the price we paid I can’t complain too much but I will never feel as warm towards the colour coral pink again, our hotel room reminded me of a bottle of pepto. However, on arrival, the first thing I did was slip blissfully to sleep for a couple of hours so the room could have been decorated with Elvis and disco balls and I wouldn’t have cared.

That evening we took a ramble around. Nice has a pedestrian thorough way with a bunch of really neat shops, big stores and a tram that runs down the centre. It was approaching Christmas so there was strings of lights everywhere and fake-snow covered trees in a little pavilion that I was intrigued by, but it was closed.

I think the best thing about this day was emailing my family back home and telling them about our train trip, how fortunate we were to see the mountains and sit at the front of the train. I also listened to our dear friend Mehdi and scored a beautiful bottle of bordeaux and the night staff was only too happy to open it for me. I invited him to have some wine with us but said he could not while working 😦